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Working with Organic Beef

Remember when working with Malinowski Farm Organic Certified Beef that you are working with meat that has only been fed organic grass and hay. When weather permits, the animals are out munching on the green grass nature provides, roaming freely in the pastures. When the rains come, our cattle are fed organically grown hay, mostly from our own farm. We choose not to grain them or confine them before taking them to market. This means that the fat content is much lower but the flavor is much better. Because of the way we treat our animals, many risks to the animals are eliminated. They have not been fed antibiotics or hormones, so all you get is what nature intended. You can literally taste the difference.


The trick – don’t cook them too long! No more than medium. Again, with the fat content lower, the marbling you may be accustomed to is not going to be there. The marbling is what makes some steaks “fork-tender” but you also lose the flavor of good old-fashioned beef. Never fry organic beef, we will guarantee you tough, dry steaks. Grilling or broiling is the only way to go. We will sometimes use a meat tenderizer or marinate overnight but if you watch your steaks carefully, you will enjoy great flavor with every bite.


We always cook our pot roasts in the crock pot. With two working members of the family, we can put the roast in the pot before work and leave it all day. We usually put organic mushroom soup and/or onion soup on top and by the time we get home, the meat is literally falling apart. A crock pot roast and salad are a favorite around our house and we always have enough left over to have some great sandwiches the next day.


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